Udruga za prevenciju,rehabilitaciju i resocijalizaciju liječenih ovisnika o drogama

About us

Association for Prevention, Rehabilitation, and Resocialization of Treated Drug Addicts, UZPIRO (the association’s Croatian name initials abbreviation) was founded in 2005. The association was founded by parents who have together with the experts from the Center for Treating Addictions found a big need to complete the procedure of overcoming addiction, treating the abuse of drugs (heroin). Accompanied by the big unemployment in Croatia, the treated addicts with education but without working habits, are stigmatized by the society, and are in a difficult position to find employment, or financial support for a normal life without drugs.

Members of the association are treated addicts who are no longer taking drugs, members of their families, and volunteers.

The association is based in an adapted locale in center of Pula (Šijana) where Souvenir Workshops and UZPIRO Club operate, together with a dilapidated space in a building (777 m2) with an agriculture site (1,7 ha), Stancija Bristovača u Valturi.