Udruga za prevenciju,rehabilitaciju i resocijalizaciju liječenih ovisnika o drogama

Our work

We accept and gather treated drug addicts after they’ve been treated in one of the:

  • therapy communities – communes;
  • health institutions:
  • hospitals,
  • non hospital,
  • jail institutions,
  • those convicted to community service,
  • all under the condition of 4 months nonstop abstinence from psychoactive substances (drugs).

The treated addicts are helped with association’s programs and activities to ease their strong decision to exit the hell of drugs for a lifetime, but are still lonely, unorganized, and surrounded with stigmatization and rejection wherever they go,

Education programs are held in order to assist faster employment and self employment possibilities,

All is performed within an individual’s affinities and possiblities,

We communicate openly and friendly, but responsibly on all levels,

Strategic goals of our work: preventing recidivism, rehabilitation, resocialization, education, creating conditions for social enterprise and employment.